Drapes & Backdrop Panels

Drapes and Backdrop Panels have become the go-to product in the wedding and event industry as a simple way to create luxury at an affordable price. Easy to set up with a pipe kit, they will transform an event space instantly, adding an element of elegance that no other decoration is capable of bringing. Your Chair Covers offers a selection of sizes, choose from 8 ft. x 116 inches, 10 ft. x 116 inches, 12 ft. x 116 inches, 14 ft. x 116 inches and they come in a variety of colors that are made from high-quality voile material that is stain resistant. Our drapes and backdrop panels provide a classy and stylish method of covering walls or ceilings where you would like to place a focal point such as the bride & groom or a wedding cake table. They are as versatile as your imagination: use them as a background, a wedding altar, or an alluring entryway.

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