Square Polyester Tablecloths

At Your Chair Covers, our square polyester tablecloths are designed for dual uses: first, as an overlay to give the table an added sense of dimension, texture and style. The second use is as an essential tablecloth. Plus, the low price tags associated with these table linens make them the most economical choice. Our square polyester tablecloths are made from high quality and durable woven polyester material. These square polyester tablecloths are seamless (crafted from a single piece of polyester fabric), feature hemmed edges, are stain resistant and can be washed countless times. If this is the square polyester tablecloth that meets your linen requirement, you will be pleased to know that here at Your Chair Covers, we only carry the professional grade type--designed with longevity and your budget in mind. Same is true for all the tablecloths that we offer. Available in multiple colors and sizes; such as 60 x 60 inch, 72 x 72 inch, 84 x 84 inch, and 90 x 90 inch.

Square Polyester Tablecloths Specifications

Material   Polyester
Product Grade   Premium
Fabric Weight   180 GSM
Product Size   60 x 60 inch, 72 x 72 inch, 84 x 84 inch, 90 x 90 inch
Shipping   Free Shipping on orders over $99