• 120 Inch Round Crushed Velvet Tablecloth Black
  • 120 Inch Round Crushed Velvet Tablecloth Black
  • 120 Inch Round Crushed Velvet Tablecloth Black
  • 120 Inch Round Crushed Velvet Tablecloth Black

120 Inch Round Crushed Velvet Tablecloth Black

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Material: Crushed Velvet
Color: Black
Table Size: 5 feet
Shape: Round

Revamp your event décor with the stunning beauty of our crushed velvet 120-inch round tablecloths – black. The velvety texture and dazzling color combination provide a euphoric and romantic event setting. We continually strive for offer high-quality rental standard tablecloths and our crushed velvet, also known as panne velvet tablecloths, are no exception! Our black 120-inch round crushed velvet tablecloths are primarily designed to provide a floor-length drop on a standard 5-foot round banquet table or provide a 24-inch drop on a 6-foot round banquet table. However, these velvet tablecloths are also ideal for highboy cocktail tables. Our 120-inch round crushed velvet tablecloths can be draped over a 36-inch highboy cocktail table to provide a floor-length drop and on a 30-inch highboy cocktail table to create a 3-inch puddle on the ground.

In addition to their versatility we have made certain that our round crushed velvet tablecloths will not have any seams appearing across the top of the table whether you are using a 5ft., 6ft. or cocktail round table. Each round tablecloth features a large 90 in wide middle piece ensuring minimal seams to enhance their elegance. Furthermore, the serged finish and high-quality 190GSM velvet fabric will set the standard of sophistication further magnifying your event.

Style your next event with our crushed velvet tablecloths from Your Chair Covers Inc. The vibrant colors combined with the lush velvet texture will be the perfect addition to event planners' inventory or for DIY brides to add the perfect touch of elegance to your wedding reception tables, sweetheart table, and cake tables.

MATERIAL: Crushed/Panne Velvet
GSM: 190 (A measure of the weight and thickness of the fabric)
COLOR: Black
SIZE: 120 inch
SHAPE: Round
FIT: Recommended for use on 5 ft. round, 6 ft. round banquet tables or 30 in. round, 36 in. round highboy cocktail tables.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Machine washable with water (cold or room temperature) in gentle cycle. Use normal detergent. DO NOT Bleach. Don't wash with other materials. Wash like colors together. Tumble dry with low temperature. Avoid overloading the machine and make sure that both the washer and the dryer are in good working order. Gradually dry in dryer to avoid temperature shock.

For help on how to determine the right tablecloth size, please use our tablecloth sizing chart. For more information about our wholesale tablecloths, please call us at 877-450-8383.