Experience the lap of luxury with the majestic look and feel of our Round Royal Velvet Tablecloths. This premium royal velvet tablecloth provides the ultimate level of elegance that captures the essence of pure royalty. We continually strive to provide high-quality rental standard tablecloths and these plain velvet tablecloths are no exception. Our round royal velvet tablecloths are available in 120 in. and 132 in. round. The 120 in. round is  primarily designed to provide a floor-length drop on a standard 5 ft. round banquet table or provide a 24 in. drop on a 6 ft. round banquet table. The 132 in. round is primarily designed to provide a floor-length drop on a standard  6 ft. round banquet table. We have made certain that the round premium velvet tablecloths will not have any seams appearing across the top of the table whether you are using a 5 ft. or 6 ft. round table. Each round tablecloth features a large 110 in wide middle piece ensuring minimal seams to enhance their elegance. Additionally, the serged finish and high-quality 275 GSM velvet fabric will set the standard of sophistication further magnifying your event.