Both Sides Open

Rectangular Open Sides Spandex Table Covers

Made from high quality four-way stretch spandex material, our stretch spandex 6 ft and 8 ft open-sides rectangular table covers exemplify modern sophistication and urban elegance. They are designed to fit 6 ft or 72" rectangular tables with 30" height or 8 ft or 96 inch rectangular tables with 30" height at weddings, casinos, hotels, restaurants and other special events. Our spandex rectangle sides open tablecloths feature openings on both sides, provides adequate leg room for comfortable seating all around. They feature deep canvas foot pockets, are durable, do not require ironing and can be laundered countless times. Why rent tablecloths for weddings when you can buy them cheaper? Why pay linen rental prices when you can purchase stretch spandex table linens for hotels, restaurants, and catering services at lower costs?