How to Bring the Wow Factor to Your Wedding With Linens

You’ve got the venue booked, found your dream dress and even selected the music. So, what’s left to add the finishing touch and take your wedding design to the next level? The right linens can tie in your whole event and compliment details to create an entirely immersive experience for you and your guests. You may get basics linens with your venue but do they look the way you always imagined?

Chair and tables are such a massive area to decorate and are so prominent during a wedding. They really do have the power to wow your guests so choosing the right linens is a great way to show your personality and creativity. Don’t feel you have to go with a traditional white linen, you can mix and match both colors and textures to make a beautiful tablescape. Here are some tips to help you bring the wow factor to your wedding with linens.

Make a List of What You Need

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself when planning a wedding in all areas. When it comes to your linens, make a comprehensive list of exactly what you need. Before you start making any selection confirm exactly what you have. Double check table sizes, number, amount of guests and chairs and whether you’ll need linen for other areas such as a buffet bar, cocktail and cake table. When it comes to the length of the linens, particularly with tables, always remember that a floor-length linen gives a space a special and polished feel.

Think About Your Color Scheme

Look towards your color scheme and inspiration board to get an idea of the type of colors that will work well at your wedding. Different colors evoke emotions from your guests, so think about how you want the room to feel. If you’ve got a strong wedding color, you may want to stick with neutral linens. However, if you’re looking to add a splash of color then a table runner, chair cover or bold sash may be for you. If you plan on adding color with centerpieces, decoration or table runners, it may be easier to go with white or ivory chair covers and table clothes so that you can balance out the color.

Don’t be Afraid of Color

Your wedding can be as bold and vibrant as you like. Even if your idea of a dream color palette is very refined and subtle, there’s no need to limit yourself to white linens and napkins. A splash of color from a napkin or colored table runner will brighten up the room and could transform your entire wedding design. Something as simple as a dusty pink napkin on a cream tablecloth would look fantastic, or for a bigger contrast try a deep red or burgundy.

Get Inspired

Magazines, Pinterest, fabric shops, you can get design inspiration from so many places these days. It’s easy to feel stuck when deciding on fabric choices or colors but look to other design elements to help you. If you loved the look and feel of your invitations and menu cards, you could find a fabric with a similar look and feel. You can always tie in elements of your dress with the linens as well, picking up similar materials and intertwining them into the decor will create a balanced and seamless layout.

Mix Textures and Patterns

Don’t be scared to mix textures and patterns, it can really take your design to the next level. Think about having a strong color or pattern and then finding another fabric that compliments it. Textured linens and pattern combinations can add depth and dimension to a room, increasing the overall experience of your guests. There are so many textures and patterns to choose from but always refer back to your inspiration board and color scheme and think about the big picture. Your chairs and tables take up a large space of the wedding and the way they are styled will have a big impact.

Upgrade Your Napkins

Upgrading your napkins is an easy way to make the wedding design feel polished and special. It’s such a simple thing to do but instead of having white napkins, look at something with a patterned fabric or perhaps a contrasting color. All these small details add up to a finished look that you are going to love.

Despite not being at the top of your list, wedding linens really do have the ability to wow your guests. Adding a splash of color is a fantastic way to make a design statement and transport your guests. Every detail should be looked at during wedding planning and your linen choices should be no exception. Your Chair Covers has a gorgeous collection of luxurious wholesaletablecloths, chair covers, sashes and much more to meet all your linen needs. 

6th Sep 2018 Your Chair Covers

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