• 14 x 108 Inch L'amour Satin Table Runner Black and White
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14 x 108 Inch L'amour Satin Table Runner Black and White

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    Material: Lamour
    Color: Black and White
    Size: 14 x 108 Inches

    Not to be confused with the regular silky and shiny satin, Black and White L'amour Table Runners have been called many names. Lamour satin table runners, lamour matte satin runners, etc. A first cousin of the satin table runners, our 14" x 108" Black and White L'amour Table Runners combine the silky feel of satin and the matte sophistication that L'amour fabrics are known for. Lamour table runners feature a tempered sheen and they are noticeably thicker than other table runners you will find at comparable prices. Who needs to rent table runners when you can buy them cheaper?

    - Excellent as restaurant table runners, wedding table runners, banquet table runners and as party table runners.
    - Also available, l'amour cloth napkins and chair sashes.

    MATERIAL. L'amour
    GSM. 120 (A measure of the weight and thickness of the fabric)
    SIZE. 14 inch W x 108 inch L
    COLORBlack and White
    CARE INSTRUCTIONS. Warm water in gentle cycle is fine but it is advisable to use cold water with normal detergent. Bleach is not recommended for this color. Don't wash with other materials. Wash like colors together. Dry on a low heat setting. Avoid overloading the machine and make sure that both the washer and the dryer are in good working order. Do not overdry.

    For more information about our wholesale table runners, please call us at 877-450-8383.

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